SINCE 1958


The historic Boutique, founded in 1958 in Milan by Mario Fugazzi, is located at No. 8 in Via Mazzini, with the Opening in 2007 in Corso di Porta Vittoria 46 of the second prestigious Boutique. Our main ambition since day one is to aim for the utmost professionalism and competence; a know-how that is infused every day in our precious.
Our service is the synonymous of high class. We want to offer our customers a complete and personalized service, ranging from recommending the most suitable jewel or watch for every occasion, to the excellent quality of the product, to attentive and scrupulous customer care. From the choice, to the purchase, to the post-sale, each activity is carried out with a wealth of details, designed to provide a personalized value experience dedicated to each valued customer.



The heart of our company finds maximum expression in our jewels.

Designed, engineered and finely crafted in our workshop, where Masters of goldsmiths dedicate their soul and passion to meet the quality standards of Fugazzi High Jewelery.

The jewelery creations distinguish and qualify our company as one of the best and most accredited in the goldsmith craft sector.
Being able to create elegant and exclusive jewels for our customers, assisting them in all their needs represents for us a fundamental and personalizing aspect of a goldsmith’s shop, today counted among the most prestigious and established Historical Shops in the Italian jewelry sector.